April 2, 2014

As time marches onward and dates change I look toward the future. Currently, my focus outside of graduate school is studying Chinese every day before I go abroad on my PCMI journey.

It’s going well and with some fantastic resources at my disposal as well as a plethora of people I can contact for help I feel that I’m in a good place with the language. Ultimately, my goal is to finish the book Chinese on the Go before I get off the plane in China but if I get through half of it I’ll be content. Anything is better than stepping off the plane and being devoid of Chinese language skills.

Till next time,

P.S. I know my penmanship needs some work.

March 21, 2014Hey everyone! I wanted to make an official post to inform everyone that I’ve been officially invited to join the Peace Corps.I leave on my birthday, June 27th, and I’ll be flying into Chengdu, China for my Peace Corps staging. I’ll be there for about 10 weeks before I start teaching at at University. For now that’s all I really know but I wanted to let you know. Enjoy your weekend.Best,Dan

March 21, 2014

Hey everyone! I wanted to make an official post to inform everyone that I’ve been officially invited to join the Peace Corps.

I leave on my birthday, June 27th, and I’ll be flying into Chengdu, China for my Peace Corps staging. I’ll be there for about 10 weeks before I start teaching at at University. For now that’s all I really know but I wanted to let you know. Enjoy your weekend.


March 16, 2014

Sometimes you are lucky enough to afford time to travel away and just enjoy yourself because you’ve been working hard during the entire semester and escaping the cold is the best thing for your sanity even if it’s a little rough on your wallet. For this reason, despite the unfortunate events of getting onto the cruise which I posted about yesterday once we were on the boat it was worth it.

So where did we go? Great question. We took a cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. Out of all of the destinations I’d have to say that Puerto Rico was the most interesting to me personally. It felt as if this United States territory had a lot of history to offer. Among other remarkable vistas and sites we visited “EL Morro"which has some intriguing history and helped position the Spanish is a position to dominate trade in the West Indies.  It was a very valuable port and was the first place where people found fresh water and a place to rest after traveling across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe.

The Bahamas have a lot of history as well and we got to walk around checking out a variety of beaches, the small library tower, the courthouse and the government building, which has a statue of Christoper Columbus in front of it. I’m not a big fan of the man but hey to each their own. I understand the reason and rationale behind the design, or at least I’m pretty sure I understand the reason his statue is there but I just feel he lacks in solid moral fiber relative to our present day social values. Regardless I digress…

Getting back to my personal feelings about the islands I’d say that St. Thomas was nice but it felt overly designed to sell you watches, jewelry, and alcohol among a few other trinkets. I understand it’s a really nice place to get those kinds of items if you so desire but I also feel really strange having this tiny haven or utopian like island among a bunch of other less well off islands in the sea. I also feel that the locals aren’t all doing as well as the sharply dressed people that sell watches in the stores. It’s still worth a look if you’re trying to claim something duty free but outside of that I don’t feel it has anything truly unique to offer minus unbridled consumerism.

Lastly, the port by Grand Turk allowed us to have a nice seaside resting place where we were able to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. We also ended up playing a life sized game of chess with enlarged chess pieces where I racked up a solid victory against a worthy opponent. Aside from the beach, chess and the ever present consumerism which I failed to mention before there was a pretty cool moment in history where John Glenn’s spaceship which circled around the earth 3 times fell down into the ocean. While on Grand Turk we got to view a replica of his capsule, a sight which a claustrophobic man would cry himself to sleep thinking about.
Outside of the beautiful islands we visited we also had wonderful food upon the ship and had the chance to explore the various corridors and nooks of the ship. I could go on about the food but my dad would tease me after reading this post so I’ll let it marinate in your minds and if you’re really curious you can ask me.

With that I believe I’m done with this update. I hope that you’re all pushing through the winter weather and enjoying yourselves!

Take care,

March 15, 2014

The last week of February I took a cruise with my girlfriend and we really wanted to make it onto the ship but fate was nearly against us as we encountered 3 major obstacles before even stepping on board. The first mishap occurred the night before we had to depart to Florida. We were busy packing our bag and received an e-mail telling us that the flight had been delayed by 45 minutes. We bought thought to ourselves great we can sleep in and life is good. Unfortunately when we arrived at the airport the next day the line was longer than I expected, even for Spirit, and they informed us once we made it to the front of the line that we our flight was pushed forward by 25 minutes. We couldn’t do much but we were able to ask a friendly passenger if we could cut to allow us to get through security faster. She kindly obliged to our request and while we were near the front of the line someone else on the same flight asked to cut as well because they had been told on the Internet that the flight had been delayed even longer. Yikes, despite bad information we quickly prepared to go through security stripping ourselves of everything necessary and while putting out my manicure kit I found the a sticky note stuck to it reading, ” Have a relaxing vacation, Love Mom.” This made us burst out laughing despite the inopportune situation it made us laugh. After rushing onto the plane and sitting down the flight attendant informed us that the flight would take off in five minutes. Ten minutes later they came over the airplane radio and informed us that the captain had not arrived and that we would be waiting for another 45 minutes. We laughed and were mildly amused at the time we spent stressing out about rushing to get onto the plane.

Last on when we made it to the port and had to check into security I took off my backpack put it through the scanners and then turned around for a second. After rotating back 180 degrees I tried to find my backpack but it was gone. I thought to myself, this can’t be happening right… I just had it, I’m not crazy…. We asked a security guard if he saw anything and he informed us that he hadn’t while we rushed upstairs to try and find if someone took our bag. When we arrived upstairs we saw that the line split into two directions with waiting lines where people would then feed into about 15 counters on each side and then move towards two separate entrances to the ship.  We quickly searched for my bag and found someone holding it on their back very nonchalantly. We told him that was our bag and we genuinely seemed surprised and confused. After he was processed and able to board the ship he came back and apologized to us while we were still waiting in line. 

Just out of trouble we thought we were in the homestretch but alas as soon as we got up the counter we were informed that JQ didn’t had the proper paperwork to get on the ship. Since she is Chinese and her passport visa had expired she wasn’t allowed to get on the ship without additional paperwork. Luckily she knew she needed a special I-80 form and that this would allow her to get on the boat. Sadly this was back at home in Ann Arbor and while she called her roommate to get the proper paperwork we had to wait in the back room for about 2 hours before it was sent to us through various technological paths and then we finally went back to the counter and we able to get on the ship.

Whew, well as you can imagine the entire process was slightly stressful but we managed to endure the process and overcome everything! It made for a fantastic and unforgettable voyage.

I’d like to leave you with pictures of food because it helps me to relax and you may be needing some comfort food if you imagined yourself in our shoes.

Tomorrow expect a new blog about our time on the ship and our various adventures on different islands!

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March 12, 2014

Dear Washington D.C. I had a great time visiting and taking pictures. Update 3 of D.C. done! Next time I’ll post about something else but for now it feels pretty good to be almost up to date.

See you next time!

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March 11, 2014

Another day and another update. Today it’s more of my trip back before the New Year which has of course pandas, a handstand, good friends, and most importantly food. My dad and brother keep teasing me about every post I make having food in it but I don’t care. Food is important. Without food we die. I rest my case.

Anyhow, we got the chance to eat more delicious Korean food which is something I haven’t been able to do in far too long. We also had the opportunity to meet up with another couple of my friends in NYC. When we arrived in NYC Yair met up with us and we had the chance to eat at a Korean restaurant together. After lunch we explored parts of the city that we hadn’t seen before. There’s always a multitude of things to do in NYC but you can never find the time to do all of them. Sadly I wish I took more pictures but my camera isn’t in tip top shape. I have some Itouch pictures  and those will come in the form of yet another post because I’m running out of picture shape!

After hitting up an old school arcade/bar we ended up heading back to Queens and Yair’s apartment where we sought a cool bar to count down the time till New Years. However, we  realized that we are getting old because one bar with live music was simply too loud for us and we knew that losing our hearing and not being able to talk during the countdown was not going to be fun. After leaving the bar we rushed to another bar to catch the clock tick down and drank some brews together.

Time is always the enemy and too quickly Felicia, Em and I ended up hopping on Megabus the next morning and heading back to D.C. We didn’t want to go but we also enjoyed our last day in D.C. together before Felicia and I departed to the airport and got on separate planes to head back to Louisville and Detroit, respectively.

Till next update,

March 10, 2014

I’m still playing catch up on blog updates but the good news is that it gives me more to share with you! ^_^ Yes, perhaps I should have posted stuff like this 2 months ago but time flies and I’m trying to avoid working on grad school stuff so this seemed like the perfect time to update my blog! (I’m being quite productive in any way not related to school work. Don’t worry I”ll get back on track soon)

Just after Christmas in 2013 I traveled to Washington D.C. to visit my good friends Em and Felicia. It was nice to see them because I hadn’t seen either of them since I was in Korea. We spent a few days hanging out in downtown D.C. and seeing all of the monuments as well as trying to traverse the many Smithsonian museums. It goes without saying that we didn’t really put a dent on the museums but we still had a great time. However a main highlight that I’d like to let you all focus on is the “Zoo lights” These lights located in, you guessed it… the D.C. Zoo are pretty cool and were only available for a short time during December. The best thing about the lights is that they were completely 100% free. People don’t seem to realize how awesome stuff like that is, or people who are intense realists would explain that well actually “It’s not free, and it’s coming out of the tax dollars of people from Washington D.C citizens and more than anything…..” So, just in case that’s you and you want to tell me it’s not “free” I catch your drift.

Another day was spent walking around Georgetown. It has a nicer, more relaxed hometown feel to it, and even though the shops and real estate prices are on the pricey side we still had a great time and met up with our friend Cody who we haven’t seen since Korea. Getting back together with people and having that sense of nostalgia as well as Korean connection allowed for some solid memories to be made. Even though our time quickly came to an end in Georgetown it was still a blast and something I’d like to do again in the future.

For now I’ll leave you with this part of the experience and update the blog soon to leave you with part two where we all travel to New York as well as a famous battlefield in Virginia.

Take care,

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I want to be a chef!

I want to be a chef!

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Thank You.

Thank You.

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